ESPN's Hradek: Panthers Being Watched (Really) Closely

A quick note: E.J. Hradek claims in his blog this afternoon that upwards of 25 scouts attended the recent Panthers-Devils game in New Jersey. I don't need to insult anyone by typing the words "Jay" and "Bouwmeester". Something's brewin'...


  1. the longer J-Bo plays uninspiring hockey, the less we get back in return. I really hope a move is made before interest dwindles and we end up with a 2nd round pick or something... It's funny, before this season started, I thought locking up JB long term was priority #1, now just 20 games in, trading him for a scorer is even more vital.

  2. He's not going to improve, nor will his effort pick up. Personally, I think the guy's playing as well as he can. He's not dogging it, but all those minutes, combined with his desire to play elsewhere, are hurting him on the scoresheet. Florida's most definitely not getting the king's ransom we expected, but everyone in management offices from coast to coast knows he's capable of far more. And JM knows it. Martin's not going to be able to pull a defense for defense only trade like some of the naysayers are claiming he's exclusively capable of. We'll get good stuff.

    I hope.

  3. I don't think he's dogging it either. He just plays a very vanilla style of game. Offensively, he's been a disappointment, no question. I think the longer he goes without a goal, the more his value his going to drop. Eating minutes on a bad team is easy. Contributing to a good team and earning a spot in the rotation is not. I sincerely hope if/when our Dear Leader and GM pulls the trigger on a deal, it is NOT a defense for defense move. We need a top 6 forward in the worst way right now.

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