Belak Clears. What Now?

PantherNation applauds the retention of fan-favorite Belak.

Popular Panther Wade Belak cleared waivers today, though it remains to be seen what direction his relationship with Coach DeBoer might take. Again, they're professionals, so I don't anticipate a further escalation of hostilities in this affair. George Richards at On Frozen Pond has the lowdown. The question now? When will we see him...

In a bit of sublime irony that could only apply to the Cats, defenseman Nick Boynton is out with a concussion. From GR himself: "Likely suffered in his fight Friday in Boston." The very fight Belak should've been on the ice for. Ya just can't write this stuff.


  1. how do you guys follow the Panthers and stay sane? we had big hopes up in here in Rochester and unfortunately, it's nothing but a huge debacle.

  2. Not too much of a surprise that both clubs are struggling. Each had a ton of turnover during the summer, and when's the last time Florida stocked and ran their own affiliate? I've got higher hopes for Rochester turning the corner, honestly.

    As to our collective sanity, that dissolved years ago. Somewhere after 1996, I'd say. We cry ourselves to sleep quite often.

  3. Nice picture for this entry. I'd say that's about how many people "packed" into the BAC last night.

  4. So it was a big night, then...

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