The Litter Box gets supercharged; behold: Litter Box Cats

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of The Litter Box, version 2.0:

(But we can still call it The Box, at night on dark street corners, if need be.)

Thanks to the good folks at SB Nation, and especially the efforts of one James Mirtle, you will now find Whale4ever's ignorant Florida Panthers critiques and unfunny photo captions at my new home.

SB Nation comprises some of the best of the blogging world (with the exception of your humble servant) from all facets of the sporting universe. This is a dynamic network with remarkable resources and an impressive lineup of bloggers. One-stop-shopping for all your blogging needs. If you've read Mirtle's From the Rink (and based upon his numbers, you have) then you know the hockey section is under tremendously competent management.

Get on over there, and don't cheat yourself: check out all of the hockey blogs. Superior stuff. And if you like other sports as well, look up your favorite teams. If your club is not yet represented, don't begin scratching yourself uncontrollably. Its' blog is coming. The hockey portion should be filled out soon.

Thank you to everyone who has plugged in (or just plugged) The Litter Box, whether by choice, by accident, or simply to help you sleep at night. I've had fantastic fun here at Blogger, gotten to know a wonderful bunch of people, and hope you've had an okay time as well. It's a brave new world ahead at SB Nation. And hopefully for the Cats.

Oh yeah: vote Anderson, Ballard, Booth!

"Pick-your-for-real-worthy-Panther All-Star" update for 12/01/08

Poor Tomas Vokoun. Things just aren't working out for the Panthers #1 goaltender lately. Try as he might on the ice, the guy's got an issue with consistency. Now he can't even get playing time. But fear not...he's still on the All-Star ballot for the Eastern Conference. No offense to the man - he'll find his groove eventually - but "what have you done for me lately" comes to mind. Let's keep the momentum going and get Andy The Deserved into that game.
Vote for these three. You've got to write 'em in, so it'll require an IQ above 40 to do it. But do it. Again. And Again.
David Booth (23GP, 12G-2A-14P): 359, up from 295 (386670 behind Kovalev)
Keith Ballard (23GP, 2G-8A-10P): 505, up from 455 (432787 behind Markov)
Craig Anderson (10GP, 4W-1L-3OTL, 1.87 - 3rd in NHL, .948 - 2nd in NHL) 199, up from 156 (421973 behind Price). This one's an outrage...vote for this man at all costs.