Fox Sports Florida Sucks It

I'm watching a hockey game that's been continuously advertised as being broadcast in high definition, but the channel it would normally be on (401 on Comcast West Palm Beach) is showing some basketball team from Overtown Miami. So here I sit, digesting the Panthers from a normal-definition standpoint.

Want more proof? Here. And the nine-year-old's rebuttal? Here. Who wins? The basketball thing. Cuz we don't matter. Note to Gary Bettman: After all has been said and done about high-def broadcasts of hockey games, you've lost. Forget the fans...you know...those few of us who still bother to pay attention outside of Detroit and Toronto. We buy the products, go to the games, preach the gospel, and continually get shat upon. And screw you too, Florida Panthers, for not being on top of this. A curse upon you all.

It's obviously not enough that I can get an upstanding citizen or two to watch a hockey game based on their hearing about how awesome it is in HD. These citizens have given up.

What do you want me to do, Fox? It's difficult enough trying to draw folks into a sport with the type of stigma which the NHL has surrounding it. However, you advertise an HD broadcast and decide "Nah...".



  1. Gary Bettman and the Panthers have very little input, if any, as to what Fox Sports shows on their HD channel, or what cable company carries what HD channels... Be thankful you get any of the Panthers games in HD. I live out of market and have the NHL center Ice package through cable, which doesn't allow for ANY hd games. No NHL network or Versus HD for me either... just fyi (sorry, I work for a TV station and am sensitive, lol)

  2. Oh, I realize Bettman and the team aren't to blame, but jeez...it's a slap in the face to push the broadcast as being presented in a certain format and then get hit with a basketball game. Heck...Goldie continued to pimp the game as being in HD - throughout the night. I certainly don't expect any sympathy, this is not a huge deal, but if they're telling us one thing and giving us another, I'd like an explanation. And the club should be at the very least concerned about the promotion and production of their product on television.

  3. Agree with Whale here. If you're not showing it in HD, don't promote it as such. That's crap. On the other hand, with the lack of road games being televised at all locally, we should be happy with whatever crumbs are thrown our way.

    By the by, scalpers were almost paying you to take their tickets last night. And, if you had a ticket, you could pretty much sit anywhere. Almost a general admission sort of game.

  4. If you got the game via satellite or some other way besides Comcast, you probably could have gotten the HD channel. It's all about limited bandwidth for cable companies and what they choose to put out. That said, I obviously wish it was in HD for you. And yea, last night's game looked a little...Marlins-ish? Of course, Friday night's game against the Rangers will be a near-sellout... with New Yorkers making up 70% of the crowd.

  5. Yeah, I can't wait for the Noo Yawkahs to show up. You know, the ones that live in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, etc. now. Thanks for showing up. Pffft.

  6. Ultimately it was probably Comcast who was at fault for switching the feed, both of which FSN provides. But, our game was the advertised feature...

    Oh well.

  7. PANTHERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THE WHOLE F****** COMPANY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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