Stressed out? It's hard enough being a Cat fan...

Yes, I am this befuddled.

Kids, I'm at work and thoroughly trusting my instincts by expecting to be let go within days, if not hours. Darn economy. Got me pretty freaked out. Stomach's in knots. Had to get it off my chest, so thanks for that. Oh well...been there before. Been lucky to remain employed to this point. Glad it's hockey season.


  1. Stressed out? our team is in shambles and the Panthers are basically hanging us out to dry. not sure if it's clueless management or if they just don't give a F but we have one rubbish team and evidently THERE'S NOTHING THAT CAN BE DONE.

    fyi people...the future is in Rochester and it looks pretty bad.


  2. Welcome to the organization! Good stuff ahead, however: Jacob Markstrom is less than 20 months away!

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