Miami Herald: "Make no mistake: The Panthers are a bad hockey team right now."

Coach DeBoer makes no bones about his feelings during a post-game press conference at the Staples Center.

In the interest of honesty, I saw none of this game (Los Angeles over Florida 3-2, per the Sun-Sentinel) since it was not broadcast on FSN. For the end-all be-all of game rewinds, check out George Richards' posting at the Herald. Classic stuff. Nothing like a MSM'er showing real emotion. Like a fan. Go GR!


  1. Trust me, you missed nothing. I live in Orlando and have the Center Ice package, so I was "fortunate" enough to watch it. 3 shots in the 1st period, 3 shots in the 2nd. That's embarassing. After all week, hearing about how they have to come out strong, out work, out hustle, etc... nothing. no effort. see my blog for my real feelings... lol

  2. That's pretty pathetic when you need to bench half the team but can't.....talk about a major overhaul needed. Sigh.....