How 'bout that? Another scathing - but honest - MSM Panthers article

Sports Illustrated's Allan Muir - my personal favorite over there - hasn't thought too highly of the Cats' organization and its' results thus far (pre-win over Lightning):

"The culture of losing is deeply ingrained in this squad. Only one player, Radek Dvorak, was in uniform the last time the Panthers played a game that mattered. Thirteen regulars have never appeared in the postseason. The tough truth is it'll take more than DeBoer's motivational wizardry to address this mess."

Says more about the Ducks than it does the Cats, given what transpired in Anaheim a couple of nights ago.


  1. Wonder what he thinks about the Lightning, who still have a handful of players who won the Cup with them just 4 years ago, yet were dead last last year and not looking much better this year. Think the Melrose gimmick is wearing thin yet?

  2. I didn't know this was your blog! I now have it bookmarked! It was a pleasure to meet you last night at the BAC!