Getting to Know: David Shantz

Ever find yourself curious as to who's waiting in the wings to one day usurp T-Vo and Andy as the Panthers' starting goaltender? Here he is.
But if you've wondered who may be in line a bit sooner, if only as the third-stringer, David Shantz is the man. Currently on loan to Dayton, our boy is having a better than expected season, albeit early.
He's been in the Cats' system for quite some time, and may be poised for a bit more attention soon.


  1. no way. Shantz was absolutely horrible here in ROC. but we now have the ultimate stiff in Chris Beckford-Tseu. and we're 1-9 with no help on the way from the Panthers. we're dying up here.

  2. Honestly, I thought his shot was over after training camp. Just gonna play out the remainder of his contract and bye-bye.

    Markstrom next year. Good things ahead.