AccuScore Prediction: Wings over Cats, 2.7 to 2.2

Now here's a projection that scares me...it's actually close. Chance of a fight: 40%! This is going to be one fun matchup. FSN has the game...in NON-HD. It is the defending Stanley Cup Champions, so who's gonna miss the clarity? Besides, the Wizards and Heat are on the HD channel.

What's a Heat?

Andy in, Vokoun out. Plante called in for backup duties. Been a looong day in the office so my posts have been few, er, one. More unfunny juvenile crap to come.


  1. @ SHARKS Result W
    @ DUCKS Result W
    Home vs. Wings Result L lol

    If any Panther fan thinks this team will win tonight lol they must be smoking really good stuff.

    The Panthers are best with Andy in goal. I think they will keep this game close but against the Champs I don't see a win nor a point in this game.

    6-9-1 is not the start I was looking for. Maybe we can all blame JM for signing Dvorak, Zednik, and McLean in one off-season. I said right when those signings were made that all three combined wont score 20 goals in a season. Well all three are on pace to do just that!

    I'm new to this blog, I have been a fan since the beginning and have had heart break for the past decade with this team. The funny thing about it is I live in CT lol.

    Go Panthers; if moved go, Whalers! haha

  2. Welcome, my semi-namesake! For the record, AccuScore is a computer simulation, presented by The Sporting News, which runs sims of the game (based on the current rosters) 10,000 times and gives it's results. Each day's games are featured. I actually like it for the fight predictions.

    As for Zeds, Mac, and DVo, they weren't brought in to be first or even second liners; injuries and the kids - still - not growing into their roles forced JM to use them in these capacities.

    Trivially speaking, it'll be interesting to see which of these teams ultimately prevails, since they can both be partially blamed for getting Melrose torpedoed. And yes, prevailing wisdom has the Wings on top.