A Closer Look: Sports Illustrated Power Rankings (Your Cats: 21st)

And we're off: the first of the MSM's pointless but must-read-like-a-crack-whore-needs-her-junk "power rankings" is upon us.
Scott Wraight at Si.com starts off the festivities, ranking the Cats a lowly 21st out of 29. Oops. Sorry Toronto, I meant to type 30. Haven't even played a game and already we're behind defensive mainstay Tampa Bay (15th). Hey lookie there...we're better than New York! No, the other New York.
Oh well, get used to it. We all know the drill. Respect will be earned after a 10-4 start out of the gate (sounds pretty steep, eh?). Seeing as the last playoff game in Sunrise took place in 2000, I can't beat up on him or any of the countless others who will agree.

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  1. 1) As you write its been so long that ur team is gona have to earn back respect(win some games)
    2) Being close but falling short won't do it this time around