Rochester Camp Dates

The Amerks' have released their 2008 training camp schedule. Opening Tuesday, September 30th and running through Tuesday, October 7th, the Americans prepare to open their 53rd season.
See the official site for more info.


  1. 1) Preseason games IN Edmonton? Its bad enough teams play WAY too many preseason games, but to add transcontinental flights/jet lag on top of that?
    2) By the time the season starts do you guys worry your team will be risking injury/fatigue that other teams, that aren't going to Europe to start the season, will experience.

  2. CGY and EDM seem to have become annual events the past few years.

    Apparently it's to build cameraderie or some other happy s..t.

    Got a better feeling about it this year, as long as we don't lose half the veterans to pulled groins and jet lag.