It's Labor Day Somewhere, Winnipeg Memories, McCabe, and Keaton Ellerby's Lineage

Happy Labor day!

I type these words from my chair at work, of course, where I've been since 4:45. A special tip of the hat to all the bacon-and-eggers out there swinging hammers and sickles for the collective good. As the Obama/Biden campaign poster (above) suggests, a workers' paradise is only as effective as its' weakest socialized link. But that's all above my pay grade.

What is this?

WHERE HAVE YOU GONE, DAVE MANSON? Kukla's Korner has a tremendous blast from the proverbial past with a replay of the third period of a 1996 game-three conference semi-final pitting the Winnipeg Jets against the soon-to-be-dominant Red Wings. Mike Vernon is not at the top of his game. Hell, he's not at the top of Jim Carey's game. The Wings ultimately won the series, of course, while the Jets morphed into Coyotes. A very kewl video.

McCABE McMANIA CONTINUES The Toronto Sun profiles you-know-who and his checkered past with the Leafs. Recapping his "tough game" last year, McCabe succinctly spoke the obvious:
"Everybody makes mistakes," he said. "But it seems when I make one, it's always on the biggest stage."

And the clock ticks on...

KILGER UPDATE! Well, not really. But since we're speaking of folks with Leaf in their past, it bears mentioning that the maybe/could be/potential Panther is featured in the aforementioned Jets video. Not only is it his first playoff game, but nets his first goal as well...and it's a beauty. That's why we gave up a third-round pick for him, right?

FUN TRIVIA FOR YOU AND ME Panthers 2007 first-round pick Keaton Ellerby is cousins with ex-Jet and current-Coyote captain Shane Doan, as well as Canadiens goaltender Carey Price.

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