Crawford Hangs Berto

Hey kids! It's been, heck, months since we've pretended to be western Canadian and obsessed over the Bertuzzi/Moore case!

From the most recent rumblings of our northern neighbo(u)rs - translation: Bristol, CT - , former Vancouver head coach Marc Crawford is crying ignorancy as to his supposed role in "ordering" veteran forward and current Iron Mike droid Todd Bertuzzi to dismember Colorado's Steve Moore way back in like 1875.

Apparently, Crawford is under the impression that as a coach, his directives to players are only suggestions, to be subscribed to when the player feels them neccessary.

Bertuzzi's a dinosaur, sans charm. Tell him to suck on a Milk Bone and he'll ask "fish or lamb and rice"?

I find it impossible to believe Craw's lame-o story defense. Not that he's entirely at fault by any means, but Jeez. BTW: he's still unemployed. That means even Atlanta passed on the former Stanley Cup winner. Atlanta.

Yes, we continue to wait for this thing to get to court...ANY court...and be done with it.

No lack of compassion for Steve Moore, here, so please don't misunderstand. It's only that this entire debacle has dragged on for Way. Too. Long. Let's get it settled, so hockey fans can go to sleep at night without having to shivver in bed knowing this media-charged 800 lb. gorilla sits over their collective faces. We've got enough snooze to lose with Gary Bettman still in charge.

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