As if on Cue...

...all three local newsies had Panther-related stories or blog updates within the last day, prompted primarily by the hiring of Benoit Groulx as head coach of the AHL Americans.

Let's pretend a wintry mix of snow and freezing temperatures are bombarding our lawns and whisking us away to a happier time of year for all of us as we take in the latest from the Big Three.

At the Miami Herald, George Richard's On Frozen Pond talks of the Groulx hiring, profiles which current, previous, (and one soon-to-be-former?) Cats have made their way back to South Florida in preparation for the upcoming season. Also, a most insightful argument why Richard Zednik should not be a Panther come October. And I kinda agree with GR: it's all for the good of the team.

The Palm Beach Post features Brian Biggane's Inside the Panthers, covering a bit more of what's become Groulx-mania. The concensus around the web is that JM the GM got himself one heck of a good bench boss.

And the Sun-Sentinel's Steve Gorten delves into - you guessed it - that new guy in Rochester, along with a standard-issue JM transaction denial.

From the blogosphere, Scotty Hockey gives his preseason take on the Cats. Just another non-biased, insightful, and informed Rangah fan showing love and respect for the Southeast. Give it a whirl, it's worth a chuckle. Anyone care to debate his reasoning?

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  1. I'm definitely mixed on the idea of Zednik leaving, but I do agree on the idea of him being a distraction. Talk about a huge elephant being in the room. Gee....Scotty sure has an "unbiased" view of the Panthers....Panthers suck, they got rid of their captain, let's move them, blah blah blah....whatever